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Production: Missing space watches

Sculptured the moon surface in Zbrush, Watch modelled in Cinema 4D and 3D Studio Max. Rendered with Maxwell Render. Compositing Photoshop and Optical Flares with After Effects.
» See occlusion picture

Personal: Porsche cruising

3D Porsche was rendered into position and retouched into the foreground. I created the cars surface properties, colour, lighting and shadows which were then rendered and retouched by me into the final image to create the final look. Backplate photo: Kalle von Hausswolff
» See occlusion picture

Production: Still Life Jewels

Sculptured and modelled with both 3D Studio Max and Zbrush. Retouched and rendered with Octane render to create the final realistic look.

Personal: Land Rover

For this Bsmart workshop I wanted to reflect a swedish outdoor adventure, parts modelled in Cinema 4D and everything was rendered with Maxwell Render. Further info at

Personal: Transformer

This 3D transformer is built up with 876 small pieces with different shapes and textures. I`ve done everything such as modelling, texturing and rendering. Done in 3Ds Max and rendered with Vray.
» See occlusion picture

Personal: Red Bull

Everything is CG, created with Cinema4D and Zbrush. Rendering done with Maxwell.
» See occlusion picture

Personal: Happy Baby

This is one of my portraits from my collection of drawings. All is made by hand with different pencils and a blending stump.

Production: Game Art - Forest

Here is a low poly rendered picture from my collection of vegetations used in a game for a Square Enix project.

Magazine interviews: Cap & Design

Scandinavia's largest newspaper for creative designers, Was interviewed for the famous Pressbyrå retouch.

Collection of publications

Have Gathered a selection of my publications, Works by me that have been published both in the newspapers and in different places in the world.